Healing Moves Yoga CD

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this guided audio practice brings the deeply nourishing experience of Carol’s popular yoga classes into your own home. A Yoga Therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, Carol specializes in creating individualized yoga practices for people with health challenges and in adapting yoga for specific populations – ranging from seniors to athletes. Carol’s calming, clear voice is accompanied by music from “Bija, Music and Mantras for Yoga and Meditation,” by acclaimed musician and yogi Todd Norian. A Posture Guide is included.

* Yoga Journal’s review of Healing Moves Yoga praised Carol’s “inviting yet clear instructions” [June 2009 Issue, review by Richard Rosen.]

* Better Homes & Gardens selected Healing Moves Yoga as their “Look of the Month” in the July 2009 issue, calling Carol’s approach “refreshingly simple.” [read here]

The CD is divided into five sections, so you can do just one section, two, three, four or all five, depending on your time:

1. Centering and Breathing (12:24), Uniting mind and body through the breath
2. Warm Ups (17:09), A whole-body stretch, plus some strengthening postures
3. Standing Poses (15:37) Strength and balance postures with some stretching
4. Lying Down Poses (13:04) Back strengthening and stretching postures
5. Relaxation (13:37) Guided head-to-toe tension reliever.

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Advancing the art and science of adapting the yoga practice to older bodies, minds, and spirits.

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Based on the Mindful Yoga program, shown to significantly reduce pain.


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Kimberly and Carol's book is based on their pioneering Yoga for Seniors program offered at Duke Integrative Medicine.


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