Yoga for Seniors Testimonials

“This was among the best trainings I have attended.  The mix of factual materials on aging, health issues, do’s and don’ts and practice sequences was on target to provide a solid basis to teach a broad range of seniors.  The materials are well organized, articulately presented, and provide a broad resource for anyone teaching seniors.”

Carol Mermey

RTY 500, Takoma Park, MD

“I can’t tell you how much, almost on a daily basis, I remember tidbits from one of your classes. . .  the training I had with you both probably made more of an impact on me than any other yoga training that I’ve done.”

Denyse Le Fever

Teacher, Writer, Seeker, Falls Church, VA

“Carol and Kimberly present a complete program that incorporates eastern and western sciences, adaptation of yoga poses and practices to the chair, and teacher development through sharing of experiences, self discovery, lesson preparation and presentation. The insights shared by the attending teachers, professional lecturers, seniors who participated in a small session, plus Carol and Kimberly’s knowledge and rapport, made this program invaluable to me in my sharing of yoga.”

Dr. Howie Shareff

Director, You Call This Yoga, Raleigh, NC

“I came away from the Yoga 4 Seniors program having learned a tremendous and unexpected amount. Carol and Kimberly are so well informed about anatomy, precautions, and importantly how to creatively work with a student’s individual needs. I’ve taken other workshops for seniors–and they left me (and many others in the group) feeling unqualified to handle the issues that crop up when working with an older population.  This program gave me new confidence and a much better understanding of working with elders.  Carol and Kimberly work beautifully together, are well organized, thorough, and totally approachable. I cannot thank them enough.”

Eliza Twichell

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I can not tell you what a world of difference this workshop has made for me as a teacher.  I learned so much from both Carol and Kimberly but also from all the compassionate medical doctors that presented to us.  I already knew I loved my seniors but I came back with a real passion for providing them with a safe and yet challenging class.

My class is continuing to grow in size, and this workshop has totally increased my confidence in teaching this population in a safe and effective way.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is or will be working with seniors!”

Bonnie Kelliher

Walpole, Massachusetts

“I am a nurse practitioner at the VAMC in Northport, New York and have been teaching the yoga component of a Mindfulness Based Stress Management 12 week program. The veteran population has many physical and mental disabilities and diagnoses, so I have been looking for ways to offer the yoga experience to this elderly group.

This highly professional training was spot on. It gave me a lens and a filter to work deeply with this population. Right from the start, we learned about the processes of aging and were able to physically experience it to deepen our awareness in an experiential as well as a didactic way. The knowledge was taught in a clear, in depth and scientific manner. The experiential component integrated safety and methods for modifications of yoga postures. Not only addressing the physical and emotional aspects of aging, the workshop also expertly incorporated spirituality through the guided exploration of the basic truth of impermanence.

Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson are wonderful educators of yoga and are shining a light on an important segment of the population. These teachings will help keep people healthy and independent longer, as well as offer coping skills for adjusting to the stages of life.”

Barbara Feldman

RNc FNP, Huntington, New York

“The Yoga For Seniors Training at Duke Integrative Medical Center was not only a pleasure to attend, but the course helped me to improve my work with seniors. I have been teaching chair yoga for seniors for four years. Currently I lead ten classes per week, have fifteen clients, and one of my classes is over 25 people. As a result of taking this course, my instructional technique, my knowledge on aging and physiology, and my confidence level in working with this population has improved significantly.”

Lyn M. Hopkins

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

“Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson’s Yoga for Seniors teacher training program at Duke Integrative Medicine is without doubt one of the most comprehensive, intensive trainings you will find in North America today. Duke Integrative Medicine is ahead of the game in acknowledging yoga as an adjunct therapy in addressing the needs of an aging population. Health concerns are often multi- faceted in this age group. As instructors we need to proceed with confidence in our ability to provide a safe and supportive environment. Carol and Kimberly have solidly demonstrated their knowledge and understanding in this area and present it in the most caring yet professional manner I have ever encountered.”

Laura Frey

Back to Breath Yoga, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

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